Book Cover9800 Savage Road

A Novel of the National Security Agency

December 2000: In a tiny office in the basement of the National Security Agency, a handful of analysts work on a project so secret its existence is known to fewer than a hundred people. They are intercepting Usama bin Laden’s every word as he talks on his satellite phone to al Qaeda cells. What he’s planning is big—a strike against the United States—and they know from the intercepts they’ll learn the details any day . . . any minute. Suddenly, the conversations stop. A senior executive is murdered inside the NSA complex, the first in a series of disasters inflicted from both inside and outside the carefully concealed house of spies. Alexandra O’Malley, consummate intelligence analyst, must sort through the clues and scramble to stop the escalating crises . . . but to succeed, she’ll have to break all the rules.

In 9800 Savage Road, reality and fiction intersect in a terrifying story of the events leading up to 9/11, from deep within the cloistered walls of NSA. M. E. Harrigan delivers the first insider’s perspective in NSA’s history. She shreds the thick veil of secrecy and explores the thoughts and actions, the dedication and bureaucratic infighting, and the occasional scandals of the hidden workforce. It’s a story of betrayal and treachery, courage and loyalty . . . so real you’ll wonder how much is true.

“M.E. Harrigan dishes up suspense, espionage and patriotism all in one serving.”

—Gen. Michael V. Hayden, U.S. Air Force (ret.), Director of the NSA (1999-2005)